Interested in Joining?

Membership into our organization is by invitation only.

Potential members are sponsored by a currently active AAMW member. We are a very active organization and require our members to commit to the time requirements to participating in our group.

AAMW is also member supported by membership dues and other financial fees that each participant commits to upon acceptance in to the organization. For those who live or and work in Westchester County and are interested in joining our orginization we recommend that you become more familiar with our group and its members by participating in one or more of our events (see programs on this web site).

Joining our committees and help plain our events and workshops will allow for potential members to understand and see first hand our membership’s commitment to serving the community.

Thank you.

Chairman: Melvin Burruss, Esq.
President: Eric D. Eller
Vice President: Olney W. Reynolds
Secretary: Lawrence C. Salley
Treasurer: Thomas Grayman
Assistant Treasurer: Eon Nichols Esq.

Luvaghn Brown
George A. Malone
Mayo Bartlett, Esq.
Rev. Hugh B. Marriott – Bio
S. Hassan Bilal
Charles McFarlane
Rashad Bilal
Edwin L. Bowman
Fred Campbell
Kevin M. Moore
Mack L. Carter – Bio
James Robinson
William L. Carter
Bernard B. Thombs – Bio
Jerome Clarke
Honorable Bruce E. Tolbert
Miguel John Constable
John Tuller – Bio
Cyprian II – Bio
Samuel Washington Jr.
C. Douglas Dixon – Bio
Daymon S. Yizar
Anthony Epps – Bio
John J. Grimes, Esq. – Bio
Members in Memorial
Wiley Harrison – Bio
Harold Fitzpatrick
Herbert L. Jamison
Robert Morgan
LeRoy Jones Jason Paige
Kurt Kannemeyer
Earl Savage